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Don’t ignore problems with your automatic gate, but turn to us, at Gate Repair Highland Park, for professional solutions. We are quick to respond and to provide professional repair services. You can count on us for emergency assistance when the problem is urgent. Our services cover gates of all types and makes, and openers of all brands. This is how our local customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing the performance, safety, and security of their driveway gates are all intact. Our company provides professional maintenance and installation services too. They cover all components of the system, from the hardware and motor to the intercom and controls.

We have been in the industry for many years and our company has strong reputation as one of the most reliable gate service providers in Texas. Our technicians are experts in fixing openers, including hydraulic models and ones using solar power to run. You can rely on us for the accurate repair and replacement of hardware and electronic components. Our spare parts are of top quality and we never experience shortages. You can confidently hire our company for restoring the condition of your entire gate, including the posts. We have plenty of experience in rotten gate repair. Get more details on our professional services for swing and sliding gates now.


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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

If you are looking to have your electric gate repaired, maintained or installed by a professional technician, give us a call for more information on the services we offer.

Gate Repair Services

Ensure that your family is protected from unwanted intrusions by having your gate repaired by a professional technician today. We are waiting for your call.

Residential Gate

If you are dealing with the problem of a faulty residential gate, then our services such as opener repair, alignment and intercom system repair will be of great value to you.


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The Fastest Repair for Tracks and Wheels

If you have a sliding gate, you know how important the track is. If it suffers any kind of damage such as bending, you can rely on Gate Repair Highland Park to fix it. Our repair techniques have been proven to work. With accurate adjustment, you will have a gate, which opens and closes smoothly, in no time. Count on us to fix damaged and loose wheels which don’t run properly along the track. If a bolt is missing, we’ll replace it quickly. If the wheel itself is broken or worn out, we will install a new one of the same size.

Expert Opener Troubleshooting in No Time

Why is the electric gate not opening? If the motor runs, then the issue must be with the hardware which connects it to the door. A broken chain is not an uncommon issue. Gears inside the motor unit are at risk of snapping too. When a hardware component is broken, we will replace it quickly, regardless of its design, make and size. When the problem is with the motor, you can count on us to fix it fast. If it has failed completely, we will install a new one which has a sufficient amount of horsepower to operate the gate. We replace faulty clickers and safety sensors in the shortest possible time.

Accurate Swing Gate Adjustment for Impeccable Operation

When your gate is uneven, our first task is to figure out why. Usually, hinge and welding damage is to blame. Rely on Gate Repair Highland Park to fix bent hinges and damaged welding fast. We replace worn and broken hinges with heavy-duty ones which are made to last for a long time. After the tightening of the bolts, your gate will be perfectly even as before. If you have a post that’s going down into the ground or is leaning on one side, we will adjust it and secure it firmly in place.

Top Services for Gate Intercoms of All Types

The intercom system is important for the security of the property as it enables you to let people in remotely, after checking who they are. Whenever there is an issue with the transmitter or receiver, we will fix it. You can expect us to eliminate any problems with the wiring professionally. In addition to providing repair services, our company specializes in intercom installation. If you want to upgrade to a more advanced system which is wireless and/or has video surveillance, you can hire us for the job. Our service includes professional consultation to help you make the best choice.

Count on Gate Repair Highland Park for All Your Residential Gate Needs

If you want a quick solution to a problem with your electric gate or a new unit installed on your property, contact us now. One of our consultants will answer your questions and arrange an appointment. You are also welcome to learn more about our professional services from our website.





Beyond my expectations

“You guys really delivered on your promises when you fixed my electric gate. You were professional, efficient and made me feel really comfortable! I was also pleasantly surprised at the bill!”

Mika Taylor

What a wonderful experience!

“Last Friday my gate simply refused to open, and it was terrible. I was in my car and it seemed like it was about to rain – but your company was there to save the day! Thanks for coming over so fast and getting it fixed!”

Bessie Carmichael

Ten out of ten!

“I can find no fault with you guys! You responded to my emergency situation on the same day that I called you, and you fixed our driveway gate so quickly and without any hassles! Affordable rates too!” 

Amina Khan

I would highly recommend you guys!

“I don’t usually write reviews but you guys deserve it! Your technician was helpful and knew what he was talking about. He fixed my opener so quickly! I also couldn’t believe how affordable you guys are! Such a great experience!”

Latisha Daniels